Friday, February 29, 2008


My kids DO NOT play with toys. I have no guilt saying no to them about wanting to buy a toy, because for us it is a serious waste of money! This box entertained Mack for hours, so I guess our vacuum was one of the best purchases we could have made!!

I love my kids and their personalities! It is always an adventure to see what their creativity and their little minds will come up with next!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


OK so I have been waiting to do this post. I am not sure why, I guess so I could get my emotions under control, and so I would know what to say. Neither of which I have done yet.
My sister-in-law told me this story of her cousins little boy . It is really a heart wrenching, sad, horrible situation, but at the same time a really amazing, uplifting, spiritual, story that has really taught me what a precious gift life really is! Not that I needed or wanted a reminder, after seeing Jeremy and Amanda, and their sweet little Payton.
Charlie is a 9 month old little boy who got meningitis. He got his immunizations for it, but got it anyway. This little boy has been the rounds with this sickness. From seizures to what they call storming, but is still fighting. His parents whom I have never met, are amazing. I'm sure they have their moments, but they are strong, faithful people, who throughout it all haven't lost their sense of humor. Most of the time I read their blog laughing and crying at the same time!
Honestly this has affected me in ways I cant even describe. The out pour of love and support they have received from people, perfect strangers is absolutely unheard of. In the 3 or so weeks that they have been there, this blog has had over 24,000 hits. People from all over the United States are watching and cheering for this family, and especially this little boy Charlie.
So if you have 20 or so minutes check out his blog, (Its at the top of my list) but start at the beginning, it will be worth your time. If you don't have time to read it, maybe you could include him in your prayers!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Husbands name... Mic, actually Michael, but he thinks if you shorten it it should be Mic, not Mike!

How long have you been married...Almost 8 years

How old is he....30

Who said I love you first.....He did for sure!

Who is smarter....Not me, I still count on my fingers, and have a hard time with my right and left hand!

Who has the worst temper....He does

Who does the dishes....We both do, after leaving it up to the other one for days, and days!

Who does the bills...He does, I used too, but counting on my fingers took so long when I would manage the checkbook, he decided to take over!

Who cooks dinner....Wendys, Cafe Rio, and when we splurge Chilis.

Who drives...We both do, I am a way better driver then he his!

Who admits when they are wrong first...He does, I am like Cami, I am never wrong!

Thursday, February 14, 2008



Friday, February 8, 2008


So I sent Hayden upstairs to calm Sawyer down, so I could finish dinner. Mack soon disappeared, and I could hear lots and lots of giggling. When I got up there I could hear Hayden yelling at Mack to duck. This is what I found. I'm just surprized that the crib didn't break, or that her head was still in one peice. Because the reason they were giggling was Mack was jumping up and down, making her bounce and they laughed, and laughed!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


It was dress up day at my house the other day, and I had no energy to fight them on what they wanted to wear. So I let them go choose whatever costume they wanted and we headed out the door! So we went shopping, once again I was the Mom that everybody is looking at wondering why she cant get it together. When we got home Haydens friend Isaac came over and they all played in the snow. It was a sight to see.
Mack had on siderman, and the spiderman mask, but he had on Sawyers little gloves. You know the ones that are still attached. And they were wrapped around the back of his neck.
Hayden had his vampire costume, with Mics ski mask, and spidermans gloves.
Isaac had on Mics ski gloves, and Hayden swimming goggles!
They were so funny, and it entertained them for about 2 hours!
I am loving the snow right now, because I think my kids have figured out how fun it actually is!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Alright so this one is pretty funny. Cami tagged me, and you have to take a picture of your purse, and a picture of everything in it!

So I have my wallet
Some reciepts
Some candy wrappers
Mouth wash
A blank CD
My checkbook
3 diapers
And a bra, dont ask me why!

I am tagging Lacy, Jana, Ashley, Lisa, Val, and Chante

Sunday, February 3, 2008


So today we went to Mic's brothers church because they were blessing their baby. Latley if we want to be on time for church we literally start getting ready hours before! Their church started at 11:00 so at about 9 I was getting the boys dressed, and even doing thier hair, hoping that it will stay done so that we look part way put together. I finished with them and started working on myself. Meanwhile Sawyer wakes up so now I am working on her, getting her fed, and dressed, hoping that she wont barf on whatever cute outfit I have tried to dress her in. Now I'm running back to my room to finish with getting ready. WOW, time has flown, its now 10:30, and we have to go because of the snow dump we received! I'm yelling at Mic to throw whatever MIGHT keep the boys entertained while we are sitting there, and we are running out the door!

Phew, we make it there on time, YEA US! Knowing my kids really well, I try not to sit too close to any cousins or else we are going to play musical chairs the whole meeting, or be putting out fights because they want the toys that their cousins have, or vise versa.

Ok meeting starts, they haven't even said the opening prayer yet, and instantly Sawyer is fussy wanting something, is she hungry, tired, or just wants the boys to stop touching her, your guess is as good as mine. So I stand up with her right by where we are sitting. Now this stops her from fussing, but it gives the boys a green light for them to either stand next to me, or just walk around.

Now the opening prayer, made it that far before Hayden has to go to the bathroom. Really do you have to go now, we left home 20 mins ago, you couldn't have gone then? But secretly Mic and I think he loves to SEE and PEE in each bathroom where ever we are just for the fun of it.Meanwhile Mack has loudly pushed a chair next to me to stand on so he can turn the lights on and off.

Now its time for the blessing Mic gets up to walk up to the front, and this gives the boys permission to bounce off the walls! Literally! I have Sawyer in one arm and Im wrestling Mack to stop him from running into the wall-again.
Blessing over, Hayden still has to pee so Mic walks back to take him out and Mack goes running after them. I dont know if Mack found them or now is running the halls who cares at this point, as long as I have one MINUTE to myself I'll worry about Mack later. They start passing the bread, in walk the boys and they sit down. Once they realize the bread has already been passed us the melt down happens. Now my 5 r. old is crying because he didn't get a peice of bread. Its ok Hayden we will take it next sacrament meeting we are at. Not the point for him, he's hungry NOW, and is mad that he missed the bread. Now seriously Im trying to have a conversation with this kid how one little, tiny peice of bread is not going to fill him up, and we can eat when we get home! Not what he wants to hear, but when he's being threatened that I'll flip his face if he doesn't stop crying, he chooses to wipe the tears and wait for the water.

Sawyer now is demanding to be fed. I cant leave Mic with these two the way they are, so I shuffle my seat into the very corner and start nursing her. Not the most ideal place. But at this point what am I going to do! I'm trying to be very descrete, but very hard when the two year old is trying either to pull the blanket off, or bounce on my leg. And every time I try to stop him he tries to either stick his tongue out at me, or pretend to spit at me! SWEET huh, its his new thing, so I keep flicking his face which is just making him more and more mad, and thus just encouraging him to keep doing it.

Not only am I dealing with him, but I chose to not wear the most ideal nursing attire either, and my skirt is up under my boobs, and my shade shirt is a little tight and its rolling up, exposing anything that is not under the blanket, the same blanket Mack wants to rip off!

Finish feeding her put my clothes HALF way back on and now the boys are fighting over the cookies we brought for them. We filled the bag 3/4 of the way full, there is plenty for both of them, but they each want to hold the bag. I rip it out of their hands, and now Im the bag holder. Not a bad job, just now I have no chance of them leaving my side!

Content for the first time since the meeting has started. Ok I might actually get to hear something that someone is saying. This peace lasts for just a little while until Mack finds a marker on the floor and is trying to get to the guys scriptures in front of us so he can go WILD and create a great master peice of art. Never mind that we brought our own crayons and coloring books, he is determined to write all over the guys books. Mic is wrestling him, while Hayden is hysterically laughing at the fact that Mack is throwing a fit, and getting in trouble!

I look over at Mic and ask if we should just leave. He looks at me as says "YA THINK????"

Since having Sawyer, sacrament meetings havent been well attended by us. Its NO wonder why! I think that today I felt like I had 6 kids. I was sweating and swearing, if I can be honest, and hoping nobody could hear me!

One day we will be that perfect little family, that all sits there quietly listening and loving just being there. But for now we will be the ones everyone knows as "THOSE KIDS" the ones that the parents cant keep quiet!!!