Thursday, February 17, 2011


We've had quite a few big things happen around here latley..but this is one of our biggest! I am so proud of this kid! He loved everything about his day, and throughout the next couple of days kept saying I just wish everyday was my baptism day!! He is a huge help to me, and always tries to do the right thing! He is so sweet, and deserved a great day!! Thanks to everybody who came to support him!!

He has always been a mommas boy, but recently found out how cool his dad actually is! I love it!

He was lucky enough to get baptized with his best buddy! These two have been friends forever!

G-ma and G-pa D

G-ma and G-pa H

This is my 93 yr old Grandma! She looks so good, and kept saying how she wouldn't miss this day for anything! I was so happy she came!

This is my Aunt Jeannie...Hayden believes that she is his grandma...I dont have the heart to tell him she isn't...he calls her Grandma even! He adores her! She got a special phone call to invite her...and like the great Aunt she is her and her hubby came!!

We are missing a few in this group shot...but I am so grateful for everyone who came!

Hayden choose to go to Brick Oven after...which was great for me...NO clean up!!

Thanks to B and Jana, and Chad too for coming and eating with us...I didn't get a picture of them!