Sunday, November 8, 2009


Ok so I have been meaning to do this post for a while...I am having issues with it. I had an lazy eye, my Mom found it when I was about 4 or 5. I had to be patched, and wear glasses. I still have issues when I think back about that, cause not only did I look ridiculous but they patch your good eye, and expect you to see out of your bad eye....but my bad eye I couldn't see anything out of! Try learning how to read with one eye that doesn't really work...not so much fun! And lets be honest kids are mean, and I got called all sorts of names. Had they caught it earlier they could have corrected it more then they were able to, but at least both my eyes look in the same direction...for that I am grateful!

Moving on...I was getting me eyes checked from a friend of ours, and Sawyer climbed up onto my lap after we were done. He decided to check out her eyes, as long as we were there. So hes checking, and then checking some more, and grabbing different instruments and looking again, I knew that there was a problem. He looks up and says "Well Shelby you passed your lazy eye on to your daughter.." Words that just warmed my heart!

So needless to say she already has glasses, and has to be patched for a few hours a day. I think that all my hatred for my situation is making me feel horrible about the fact that she has to go through the same thing...And the fact that Mic calls her "Corky" for those of you who remember the show, ( a name that now she kinda likes) and I think people treat her a little different like maybe she is "special needs" Sometimes I feel like I do, cause she looks the part! haha

So here are a few pictures of my Corky...I still love her to pieces