Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have had it with these!

  We have had the worst luck with ears.  Hayden has had 3 set of tubes, more ear infections then I could count, and my sister-in-law wondered why he always looked like he had Top Ramen coming out of his ears!  He now has the tubes that have to be surgically removed, and will have them till he is 8!

Mack has had 2 sets of tubes, and instead of his draining, like they are supposed to, they get clogged.  Which causes added pain and pressure!

Sawyer has been my healthy one.  She has had one ear infection in 16 months, until yesterday.  She has 2 whappin ear infections.  That is a very Dr.ish term dont you think.  That is honestly what he said!

I am done with the oneryness, the Drs.,  the antibiotics, and the lack of sleep!  So anybody needing something to do, let say around 3 am, come on over I am sure we are up!

And this next picture was way to good not to pass up!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


When we are bored, we have two things that keep us entertained....

These things crack me up!  I dont know if I was young again, if I would have enough coordination to actually do these, but the kids in our neighborhood cruise on these bad boys!  Literally everybody in the neighborhood has a pair, and it is what they do most days!  Hayden is good and fast on these puppys!  
Again I am going to talk about the WII!  The second best purchase of the year, aside from the Heelys!  Honestly our whole family gets involved in playing! Mack can even play some of the games!  Anybody else have some great Christmas gifts, that are still giving???!


Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am in major trouble!  This girl loves shoes! My sister brought over some of her old shoes, and trust me we have tried everyone least ten times!  She finds two, brings them over, she walks around then sits down, pulls them off, and then we begin again!

She especially loves the ones that light up!  If they are not on her feet, she walks around and bangs them on things, just to see the lights!

She is totally trying to dance in these pictures!  Of course with her new accessories!

Friday, February 6, 2009


This week has been a crazy week for us my house looks like this, honestly it is an exact replica

My face reminds me of this

And this might be a really pretty color, but when its in your eye, and its all goopy with crap, not so much a good look