Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So it has been so nice outside, and I am so excited! Today Mack wanted to learn how to drive our jeep. Hayden has been learning to roller blade, and was brave enough to do it outside. After a while they decided to put the two together. Mack doesn't know how to steer the jeep yet, but he wants to go fast, and doesn't want me to help at all. Hayden doesn't care if Mack just goes in circles as long as he pulls him along for the ride! A couple of times Mack took off without Hayden, and they both laughed and laughed trying to catch the other one! I am pretty sure Hayden just figured out what little brothers are good for!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So one of my worst moments happened with Hayden tonight. He got home from school today, and immediately went outside to play with friends! I saw them riding bikes, jumping on the tramp, and just running around. He ended up over at Garrett and Anne's house, and they invited him for dinner, and let him play for quite a while. So I finally called to have them send him home. He got home, we were getting ready for bed, and then he said it.
"I hate this house Mom, and I like it over at Garrett and Anne's more!"
To this I am completely surprised and I ask him, " Would you rather go live over there?" And his answer was yes!!!
So I tell him that he wont be able to see us anymore, or see his baby sister,..... he just looks at me and says OK. I tell him he wont be able to play with his toys,...... and he tells me he'll just play with Drew's toys. I tell him that I will be really sad, and that I would miss him too much, .....and he tells me that I could come over to visit him over at their house.
At this point I am starting to get my feelings hurt, so I said if you want to go, you can go. He didn't even have his PJ pants on yet, just his shirt, he grabbed his blankee, and off he went!
Luckily we live so close to Garrett's that he was safe to walk over there. So I called Anne to pre-warn her what was up.
He called me a few minutes after getting there, and I pretended that I was crying. I told him that I wanted him to come home, and that Heavenly Father and Jesus wanted him to be my son, and for me to take care of him, so he better come live with me again. To this he says "Well, I think I am going to stay here!" So instead of counting to ten, I told him Mic was on his way to pick him up and that I was going to wash his mouth out with soap! (What that would accomplish I don't know, but it made me feel better!)
So he came home, and apologized for leaving and said he loved me, but I'm not sure if it was fear, or something else! I know he was just frustrated, and tired from a long day, but my heart hurts just a little! Obviously he needs a little more attention from us! What do you think?!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So we finally had our first real break...He, who will not be named, or at least we will call him Kayden for this post, accidentally fell on top of his brother while chasing me, so I guess I am some what to blame! It is broken in two different spots on his hand.

Just a little update, found out that it was 3 bones, not two, and they asked if we wanted another x-ray to make sure there weren't any more! Really who is counting at this point. It is bad enough knowing that there are 3, I don't think I need to know about anymore!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Wouldn't it be great if you didn't care,(or know for that matter) what you actually looked like in a swimming suit!!! And rolls were as cute on you, as they look on her!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


OK so I DON'T have ANY REGRETS! But I am feeling a little something...I just don't know what. Before I even knew I was having a girl, I knew that I was going to pierce her ears! Why, I knew that, I have NO idea. So after I had Sawyer, I kept debating when would be the best time. In my family we had to wait till we were 8. I know other families that had to wait till they were 18! When is a good time, who knows, but I guess I decided that tonight was the time!

But here's the thing, I think I had one of those experiences that you wonder why you're even trying to do the thing that you are doing. I think I had 5 obstacles to try to defer me, but I just kept pushing. I just didn't listen to that little thought that said Not Now.

#1. It costs about 30 bucks nowadays to get your ear pierced.(I remember piercing mine for about 10!) I didn't want to spend that much, but there was nowhere cheaper.

#2. I didn't have my license with me, and they need the number on your ID to do it(Mic didn't have his either.) So we finished walking the mall, and went out to our car, that was parked clear on the other side. Got our kids in their seats, started driving away, and Mic said if you really want to I will drop you back off. So I grabbed my Id, and Hayden and I ran in.

#3. They couldn't get the pen mark to where I thought that they were even, 10 mins. later, I finally thought they got it right. So now we are waiting for the other girl to come and help, and the guilt set in. I thought to myself, should I really do this?

#4. Right before they are going to click the gun, one of the girls drops the earring out of the gun, and has to reload it.

#5. They pierce her ears, she is already crying because you have to hold them so tight, so they don't move, and I hear Oh No! The package on the actual earring was mislabeled. And she was in a hurry because the other girl was waiting for her so she didn't check to make sure she had the right earring. So they pierced her ears with two different earrings! The girl kind of looked at me like "OK what should we do?!" I thought "how the hell am I supposed to know, what should you do!?"

Anyway they hurried and took out the wrong earring, waited a minute, and re pierced her ear! Great as if its not bad enough the first time, lets redo it! That is just what I want for my 5 month old!

Needless to say, maybe tonight wasn't the night. I have NO regrets that I did it this young, maybe just not on this night. I was just Vain---Vain---Vain!!! But I do have to admit, I LOVE them, and she looks really CUTE!

I'll learn..................eventually!