Friday, November 30, 2007


So last night we got to go to the Billy Joel concert, no Dad not Billy Idol- Billy Joel! Mic has always been a major fan of him, and our kids walk around singing some of his songs! It actually was a moment for me, and for Mic, it has been a dream for Mic to go to one of his concerts, and its was awesome that I got to experience it with him. It brought tears to my eyes when he started singing just to see how happy it made Mic. Im so glad I experienced it with him!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Ok so I have to say that I probably have the best Mom in the world! She comes down once or twice a week to my house while I work, and watches my kids. They love Grammie and start shouting demands the second that they see her.
She is so good to them. Today she read them books watched some t.v. and when they started to get restless sang some songs! They were still wild after all the entertainment, so a quick game of head, shoulders, knees and toes, some follow the leader, and then a good dog pile finished them off. Im afraid it probably finished her off too! Thanks Mom WE LOVE YOU!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Ok so I told you how our Saturdays usually go. So every once in a while(at about 6:45) the hot doughnut sign is on at Krispy Kreme. If I mention doughnuts at all Mack has a fit and wont stop talking, or in todays case, yelling I WANT DONUTS! He says it so funny that I cant help but laugh. So off we went today and came back with our hats, and donuts. Which by the way I'm sure that they have to make extra hats for when we come in because we usually walk away with about 10! We like to wear them anyway they'll fit!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sawyer and her brother

Hayden loves his sister, almost too much some times! But I guess the feeling is mutual. I was busy doing stuff and Sawyer was crying, so Hayden picked her up and got up on the couch. Instantly she was asleep in his arms!


Is it just me or do some kids have a hard time finding their mouth!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sawyer Smiles

Wow babies grow really fast! The first 2 weeks for me drag on. Its funny that they come out and totally know you and what to do. They know your smell, and your heart beat, and they know how to latch on to nurse. When I delivered her, she came out screaming. She screamed pretty good until they laid her on my chest and I got to hold her and talk to her. She immediatly stopped crying. It was really amazing how well she already knew me. With that being said, why is it that you know nothing about them. You know how to do stuff for them, but you dont know what they like, or need! It takes me a while to get the hang of a newborn but now its just starting to really get fun. The other day she started smiling. Now its not all the time, but when she does it melts my heart! I love having kids, and she has added so much to our family already. Thank you Sawyer for coming to our family!


My little darling, crazy, fun Mack is the one in our family that you have to watch at all times! He gets into everything. And although hes learning he just cant help himself some times. Hes gotten into a gallon of paint in our brand new house and went swimming in it, jumped on the tramp with a dead bird plucking out its feathers, and can beat up his brother, or anyone elses brother with out a problem. The other day he escaped out of the house and into the back yard and set off our alarm, 20 minutes later 2 big burly cops are at our house to make sure everyone is ok. Mic caught him the other day in our bath tub shaving, luckily he was in the tub and couldn't reach a real razor!


So I dont know how it goes for the rest of the world, but Im assuming that Saturdays are kind of mellow. That maybe you get to sleep in, or even if your up that you can buy a few minutes more of sleep with cartoons. Not in our family. This morning started at about 6am with Mack bright eyed and ready to be up, despite all of Mics efforts to get him to lay back down Mack was ready to start the day! Hayden soon followed at 7 and they were ready to go downstairs to do who knows what, but off we went. After breakfast (at about 7:30) the entertainment started. TV wasn't enough, toys were out of the question, they wanted to listen to music. Their favorite is Black eyed peas, the lets get it started song. They were bouncing and running and pretty soon they were on top of the table dancing around. It was a great morning but nothing MELLOW about it.
During all the chaos, my sweet Sawyer, was upstairs peacefully sleeping! I hope one of my kids enjoys the meaning of sleep!


Ok so we ended up at Cornbellys with everyone else in Utah County, although my kids loved every minute of it. There favorite thing there was sitting on the saddles trying to rope the cow! Try after try Hayden finally got the hang of it. Unfortunately the best Mack could do was rope himself!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sawyer 3 weeks

My friend Amanda took these pictures of Sawyer for me. So here is a few more of her! I love these pictures, and I love Sawyer. Its so fun having a girl!