Saturday, April 18, 2009


OK so I think that enough time has lapsed to share some sad, and embarrassing news!  Mic and I last minute decided to have this cute little thing join our family....

It was a Christmas gift for our kids, and trust me the hours of debating back and forth of getting her or not was EXHAUSTING!  

Well on a little side note, for any of you who don't already know after I have babies I get instant anxiety!  The type where I can hardly sleep, and I go into "crazy" mode.

So we pick her up Christmas Eve night, and instantly I love her.  We get everything ready and get into bed, and low and behold INSTANT anxiety!  It was honestly like I just had had a new baby!  I had instant diarrhea and panic attacks.  The next morning, going on about 2 hours of sleep  I am exhausted and overwhelmed, but trying to be a good sport we get the kids down the stairs and while they are looking at their Santa gifts under the tree we open the door let her run out!   All three of my kids start crying!  Not tears of joy, but of  panic and fear!  None of them would let her touch them!  We haven't had the dog out 3 minutes before we had to lock her away to open presents, and I heard over and over Mom don't let that dog back out!  

They warmed up to her over that day and the next.  But I couldn't talk myself out of this crazy anxiety that I was having.  Then Hayden started into asthma attacks, and hives.  Add that to my constant panic attacks and that dog had NO chance.  Mic swooped her up 2 days after Christmas and returned her to stop the madness at our house!!  

 I will have to say it is up there with one of my MOST embarrassing moments, and it was hard even though my kids weren't too excited about her, to have to tell them she wasn't staying!  Oh well lesson learned...NO dogs for us!

This next picture is just a little picture of the hives on Hayden.  This was day one, it got much worse as the days went on!