Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I dont need to buy another toy! I never know what he is going to find next and he will wear these goofy outfits until I beg him to take them off! He loves to dress up. Doesn't matter what it is! How can you not love Mack!


Sunday was a "free day" for us (my family will understand!) So we took the kids up the canyon to just play around. It was so fun, they were like kids in a candy shop. Everything was so exciting to them. The river, the beaver pond, Bridalveil falls, and we even saw a dead raccoon that they thought was the greatest thing ever. It was really a great day to spend with them, and see how much they loved being outdoors!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So I have neglected to post a few of the things that happened this month. First of all I had my 8th anniversary. I cant believe that I have been married that long! I love Mic! There are many reasons that I love him too many to share, but I am so grateful each day that I get to be with him!

Second, I actually turned 30. I cant believe it! I don't think that I really had a hard time turning 30 until yesterday, and I noticed that I had a gray eyebrow hair. I know that it is not that big of a deal, but I guess it showed me how old I really am!

So I definitely don't have a great picture of me or Mic that I want to share, so I will put on of someone who always looks cute. Jana took these, and gave it to me for my birthday!

Friday, April 18, 2008


OK so this is one of the best post that I will ever do. My sister-in-law, Anne Marie, started a new company called Libby Lane Designs. It is baby bedding, blankets and other cute things she has come up with! Honestly I am not saying this to be nice, but it is the cutest bedding I have ever seen! So for anyone who is expecting or knows of anyone, or if you just need to look at some really cute stuff check out her website! Here are some of my favorites.

These are cute aprons for projects and fun crafts

growth charts

the softest blankets

This is Sawyer isn't she so cute! She was a model for the blankets, I couldn't get a bigger picture!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


OK so I had the best week of my life. My Mom, Anne, Lacy and Izzy. Jana, and Me and Sawyer, spent the week in Monterey California! We were right on Pebble Beach Golf Course. I did not have my camera, but luckily Jana the photographer did! Here are just two of the pics that she took. As soon as I get some copies of some of the amazing pictures I will post them.