Wednesday, July 30, 2008


OK so this summer we have gone to St. George a couple of times. The first time we went with just our family, and the second time, my parents and Brady and his boys came with us!! It was a blast. All we did was sit by the pool and swim! This house was amazing. None of the pictures I took did this house justice. We were really lucky to be able to stay there! Everyday we got to wake up and look out the window at this!
The kids couldn't get enough of their Grandma and Grandpa!

These boys were entertained the entire time! And they loves climbing on top of this mountain!

Ty is just one of the big boys now! And he showed them by climbing to the top and setting up camp!

This is Hayden jumping off the waterfall! We literally had to drag the kids out of the pool at night! They never got tired of swimming and climbing, and jumping off!

Honestly I would have to rate these trips to St. George in my top 5 fav trips. My kids were amazing, (until Mack got sick) and we really bonded as a family! Now every time we get in the car Mack asks if we are going swimin in St. George!


They have a really fun waterfall and tunnels that run through them.

How cute is this picture of Sawyer and her Dad!

This is the closest picture you will see of me in a swimsuit!


OK so this is actually a bathtub! It is the biggest thing I have ever seen. To fill it up the water comes down through the ceiling!

Isn't almost like a font!! There is no plug, cause it would take almost all day to fill this puppy up!


This is Brady making me laugh. He was diving through these floaties, and got stuck! And then he couldn't get them off!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Mack and Drew
What we do to entertain kids on these extra hot days! Anybody want to drink THAT water? Trust me they tried!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008




Today I deserve the "Mother of the Year" title. Our Church starts at 9 am. Not that I am proud of this fact, but since Sawyer was born, our attendance to Sacrament meeting has been few and far between. Today we were going to make it. The boys were dressed at about 7:45 I was trying to get Sawyer to nap early, and then get myself ready. Once again the time flew before me and Church started. So now Mic and I are taking our time getting ready. Hayden and Mack are downstairs watching T.V. waiting for us......or so that is what I thought!
At about 9:30 or so, Hayden comes running upstairs to tell me that Mack went to church with Mr. Fuller (he doesn't get the Brother, Sister part yet), and Kampy (our across the street neighbors). I ask him how and why Mack went to church with them. He calmly tells me because they just brought him home!
First of all I didn't even know he was missing, second of all, he was where?
So Mic gets the rest of the story from the neighbors. He somehow makes it from our house to the church. Not a far distance, but there is a road to cross, and lets be honest stranger danger. He is now wondering the church, some Lady picks him up walks him into the front of Sacrament meeting, and is asking Mack if he sees his Mommy. Which of course he doesn't because we are all at home! So a combined effort between the Fullers, and my sister-in-law, Anne, they knew that Mack made it there with no help from us,(Anne knew right off something wasn't right, just by looking at the condition his hair was in) and they safely delivered him home!
Why in the world he would walk to church without us I will never know, and that he had no fear in crossing the street is totally terrifying!
So once again thanks to Mack for the really great lesson in how great of a mother I am! Thanks to all who helped in returning the child that I didn't even know was gone!