Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We had some great first days of school around here!! I think that they were all pretty excited to start...especially Sawyer

Mack knew exactly what he wanted to do when Hayden was gone to school...exactly what we did last year. He had his friends come over and wait till Hayden got home and so they could all hug him! It was so cute! And just look at Haydens face, he secretly loved it too!

Mack will and has always been my "hard" one...he loves school, and loves his teacher...but would just rather hang out then do anything else! We will see what this year brings!

All she has talked about has been school....seriously!! She has carried around her backpack for at least a week...and she tells everybody ( a few times) that she is going to school! She is especially excited that she gets to go school with her cousin Claire....She is not quite 3 but she is potty trained and way to chatty to not go!!